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Using Emotional Intelligence to Influence Staff Morale and Retention

William H. Johnson, L.I.C.S.W.

President, WHJ Social Work Consultation & Staffing Services

Survey Update

Michael Fleming
Bureau Chief, Survey & Certification

NH Dept. of Health & Human Services

Mike Fleming will talk about the latest survey results and trends and answer questions from the attendees.  Information about the new hybrid QIS/Traditional Survey Method to be rolled out in late 2017 will be provided, if Mike has received any information by this event.

Program Description Coming...


See Opening Keynote for Presenter Biography


Volunteers are a wonderful addition to any facility. They allow for greater one-on-one attention to our residents and can bring with them new talents and passions to share. Maintaining a volunteer program also comes with its fair share of challenges. This session will look at the benefits and challenges of running a volunteer program in a nursing home setting. We will discuss ways to recruit, suggestions on training and retaining strong volunteers.

Keeping in mind that all facilities are as unique as the residents we serve, participants will be given the opportunity to brainstorm and discuss what volunteer services would be most beneficial to their facility.

Participants will learn how the volunteer program functions as part of the Riverside Rest Home facility. They will learn about recruitment, training and retention techniques. They will also have an opportunity to brainstorm and discuss the unique needs of their facility and how best to incorporate volunteers.


Other topics that will be touched upon include:
- Working with young volunteers
-Volunteers with special needs
-Building a rapport between staff and volunteers
- Resolving Conflicts
-Tracking hours
- Providing resources and feedback
-Service projects


Jessica has been working in the healthcare field for seven years, starting in recreation services before beginning her work with volunteers. She is a graduate of Keene State College with degrees in Theatre Arts and Psychology.

Jessica currently works for Riverside Rest Home, a 215 bed facility run by New Hampshire's Strafford County. She recruits, trains and manages the volunteer workforce and works closely with local organizations and businesses on larger scale volunteer efforts and service days.

When not at Riverside, Jessica can be found in the garden or taking dog Etta for a walk on the trails. She is an active member of the Rotary Club of Dover and a youth director at her local community theatre. Jessica and her husband Zach are excited to be welcoming their first child this August.

Benefits of Volunteers

Jessica Cobb

Director of Volunteers and Public Relations

Riverside Rest Home

Late Morning Breakout Sessions (11:15a)


Each Session is 1.0 hour and participants will earn 1.0 CEU for these programs.


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