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The 11 Things You Can Control Every Day of Your Life
Cat Selman, The Cat Selman Company 

We all know how it feels to lose control of our day. A resident has "issues" before you can even get into the door of the facility. Staff members have left messages on your voice mail and notes all over your desk. Families feel that you were hired "just for them..." And that's just at work!! What about when you get home? Feel like the world is spinning out of control? Ever said, "It's just out of my hands...?” Those thoughts can result in doubts about your abilities as a caregiver, devalue your worth as a person, foster a lack of confidence in your skills as a professional and just plain "wear you out!" Whatever the events happen to be, there is little we can do to prevent them from occurring. However, we should realize that there are some things in life that we CAN control. We can prevent life's little diversions from completely derailing us day after day. This session will offer guidance and recommendations for exercising techniques to regain "control" of your life and work.

10:00a - 12:00n Breakout - Owners, Corporate/Regional Teams, Administrators, Directors of Nursing 

In the Ninth, Two Men Out & Three Men On:  PRESSURE!
Molly Rossignol, MD - NH Professionals Health Program (NHPHP)
Michael Porter - NH Office of Professional Licensure & Certification (OPLC)


The pressure is rising in long-term care.  Pressure to perform duties well, pressure to care for residents with increasing acuity, pressure to keep costs down amid inflation and rising wages, pressure to cover shifts.   Recognition of when that pressure is reaching the tipping point for a team can’t just lay with the leadership team, but with all team members.  This session will outline how you, as leaders, can build a team that can withstand the pressure, help team members who are struggling, and improve organizational culture.  Leaders will learn about signs of individual and organizational burnout, strategies for prevention, and strategies for de-pressurizing the team.   You will learn about resources available to help team members prevent crisis and how to approach and assist team members who have had a crisis event/incident, what licensure and legal ramifications those actions may have, and how your organization and the individual can recover and return to their career after.

10:00a - 12:00n Breakout - Activities/Life Enrichment Leaders

Survey-Ready All the Time: Compliance for Activity Professional
Cat Selman, The Cat Selman Company


“Oh no! The Survey Team just walked in!” It seems that when this event happens, everyone loses their ability to communicate or function in the position for which they were hired! It’s not as if we did not know that our facility and program would be surveyed...As a prior consultant to 101 nursing homes in seven states, Cat has seen about every response or situation that could possibly happen during a survey. She has always advocated that you stay “survey ready, all the time.” You do not just wait till you are in your “survey window.” This session will address all components that should be in place for the Activity Department to effectively meet compliance guidelines in the CMS Requirements of Participation (RoP). Whether you are a brand new Activity/Recreation Professional, or a seasoned, experienced one, this training series will be beneficial to the preparation for your next survey.

10:00a - 11:00a Breakout - Maintenance/Life Safety Leaders

Changes in Emergency Power –
A 30,000ft View of Planning & Maintenance Considerations to Ensure the Reliability of Your Facility’s Emergency Power System 
Michele Hilger, Mongoose Power Solutions


Detailed Description Coming...

11:00a - 12:00n Breakout - Maintenance/Life Safety Leaders

Recovery Starts with Prevention
BluSky Restoration


BluSky helps organizations resume operations after an environmental hazard is detected or after a disaster strikes.  In this program, they will review how to prevent your facility from needing their services by searching for environmental hazards and being prepared before disaster strikes.  The program will also include training on when you can recover on your own, when you need to call in a professional, and what to look for in a recovery service for your healthcare facility.  

Topics discussed include:  Asbestos, Mold / Water Awareness, Indoor Air Quality, Water Intrusion, Legionella, Hurricane Preparedness, and more.

12:00n - 2:00p

Trade Show & Lunch

2:00p - 3:00p Breakout - Maintenance/Life Safety Leaders

Preparing for Your Life Safety Survey
Nick Gabriele, Jensen Hughes
Dylan Parrow, Jensen Hughes


Maintaining compliance with the Life Safety Code® is key to a successful life safety survey outcome.  This program will review the most commonly cited life safety deficiencies (K-tags) in New Hampshire and nationally, with a focus on how to mitigate citations through effective survey preparation.  Recent interpretations, hot topics, and waiver options will all be discussed.  A special focus on the requirements for Annual Fire Door Inspection will also be reviewed. 

2:00p - 3:00p Breakout - Activities/Life Enrichment Leaders

Survey-Ready for Activities...continued from AM
Cat Selman, The Cat Selman Company

2:00p - 3:00p Breakout - Owners, Corporate/Regional Teams, Administrators, Directors of Nursing 

SurveyLIVE! for Certified Facilities (CMS, SNFs/NFs)
DHHS Certification Surveyors

SurveyLIVE! for Licensed Facilities (ALFs, SRCs, RCs, Non-certified NFs)
DHHS Licensure Surveyors

3:15p - 4:14p CLOSING KEYNOTE - FOR ALL!

Surviving the Business with Humor
Cat Selman, The Cat Selman Company

Would you say that health care providers have a slightly "warped" sense of humor?? Let's face it! We laugh at situations that others would find horrifying! It doesn't mean that we are unprofessional, uncaring or insensitive. Those "light moments" help us get through an extremely stressful or painful time, and allow us "longevity" in this industry. This session takes a look at the humorous side of health care. Through the humor we see very real resident/client issues and what we, as providers, should have in place to meet those issues. Utilizing humor and laughter, participants will learn necessary techniques to maintain a balance in providing care that is both meaningful and realistic. Cat shares tips for how we can develop humor skills, and ends this session with a "Jeff Foxworthy-take" on the "Top 10 Ways" you can tell you work in health care. Let's face it - without humor, how else are you going to survive?

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