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Important Info for Attendees


Parking will be allowed at the SNHU Parking Garage next door to the ball field.  All day parking for $10 per car.

Dietary requests

We will do our best to accomodate necessary dietary requests.  Please alert us during registration and we will reach out to you.


New Hampshire weather can be fickle in June.  While we have requested that the venue provide a sunny (but not too sunny), warm (but not too warm), not too breezy day - this is not a request they can guarantee to fulfill.  Please be prepared to dress in layers.  We will spend a good deal of time in areas of the ballpark that have some weather protection, but there are going to be times when we will need to be outdoors and trekking from covered area to covered area.  


There will be no printed handouts of slides available at the event.  Slides, when appropriate, will be posted by the Friday before the event.  Attendees can download and/or print their slides ahead of time if they wish.

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